My Most Anticipated Fall Releases

There’s nothing I love more than new books to look forward to and this Fall is sure to deliver! So many books, so little time! The amount of Young Adult releases this Fall is staggering, but here are a few of the titles I am most excited to run out and get on opening day!

I’m only going to show the titles that are standalones or the first in a series, not because I’m not excited for any sequels (because there are a lot of sequels I want!), but because, if you’re like me, than you’re always looking for the newest series to get invested in.


Zodiac by Romina Russell (Release: December 9)

I saw this book in a lot of hauls after BEA, but didn’t really hear a lot about what it was actually about. Now that I know I am readier than ever to be reading it! Zodiac is an epic sic-fi about a galaxy with different planets (or Houses?) named after the different zodiac signs, each protected by a guardian. Rhoma Grace is appointed as the new guardian for the House of Cancer after a natural disaster kills the previous guardian. Realizing that the disaster is just the start of more attacks on all the Houses, Rhoma, an envoy from House Libra, and a member of her Royal Guard, all go on a quest to warn the rest of the Houses and save the galaxy.

The premise of this book reminded me a lot of all the old anime I used to love with the different factions and people who have to band together to save the world. I’m hoping this will hit all the buttons those old series did, too.


Sublime by Christina Lauren (Release: October 14)

This book is all about the forbidden romance. Lucy is a ghost who doesn’t remember her life (or death) and Colin is the living boy she falls in love with. The conflict of this story seems to be all about how they can bridge the gap between life and death that keeps them from being able to touch.

I can already tell this book is going to have a lot of those swooning, romantic moments and beautiful writing. The haunting, atmospheric premise makes it the perfect to read when you’re curled up with your coffee and your cat on a chilly, Fall night.


A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray (Release: November 4)

I don’t make it a secret that I used to read a lot of fanfiction. And, I mean a lot. Over time I’ve gravitated away from it and more towards books, but there are still some tropes I loved that traditional books usually just don’t do. One of those tropes is the parallel universe one, where our main character goes to different worlds where their life is completely different. The bad guy actually one. They’re actually the bad guy. Or, more often–this is fan fiction–they are in love with someone they totally hated in their own universe.

A Thousand Pieces of You is about a girl who’s parents have created a device that allows one to travel between parallel universes. When her father is murdered by their assistant, she has to chase him through countless universes to get her revenge. Only with each new world she goes to their lives become more entangled and things get much more complicated.

This is everything I didn’t know I wanted. Period.


Talon by Julie Kagawa (Release: October 28)

I actually haven’t read a Julie Kagawa book yet. I know, shame on me. But, this is the first one to really peak my interest. It’s about dragons. Who can disguise themselves as human. And a guy charged with killing all the dragons. And romance! That’s really all I need to know.

This story just seems very original. I’ve never read a book about dragon-people before, but I love dragons. I’m excited to give this a go.


Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios (Release: October 7)

I saved the best for last! As soon as I heard about this book, I knew I needed it in my life. I rushed to order it, only to realize it didn’t come out until October. October!

Exquisite Captive is a fantasy story about Nalia, a jinni enslaved in a bottle, forced to grant her master’s every wish. Nalia has to try to get her freedom back so she can save her brother. And, of course there’s a romance there too.

What early reviews i’ve heard are glowing and the cover and summary were enough t make me think I am really going to love this book. Fantasy is probably my favorite genre, especially high fantasy with an intricate and original world. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book about jinni. It’s so rare to read about original paranormal creatures, so I have expectations for this book!


So, those are five of the Fall releases I am most anticipating. What upcoming books can you not wait for? Anyone already gotten their hands on one of these? If so, please tell me they are as good as I hope! Happy reading!


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